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Kurz und knapp
Name:Bruce Milligan
Geburtsdatum:10. Februar
Wohnort:Cockeysville, Maryland, USA
Position:Game Design Consultant
Bei Blue Byte seit:  Mai 2003


  • I have been in the games industry for a long time. A very, very long time…
  • I started with the Avalon Hill Game Company, in Baltimore, Maryland, back in the late 1970s, as a boardgame designer.
  • Leaving the industry in 1981, I then spent ten years as a business travel writer and editor.
  • In 1991, Bruce Shelley called me and asked me if I would like to come to work at MicroProse, back in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I said yes, and since then, have worked for a number of game companies, including 3DO and Interactive Magic.
  • I was also the online games product manager for the GEnie online service, and spent a couple of years with America Online's Games Channel.
  • Prior to joining the Blue Byte team, I designed 16 scenarios for the Tropico Paradise Island expansion, and also have been doing contract game work for Big Huge Games, of Timonium, Maryland, on the upcoming Microsoft title, Rise of Nations. I also have some private endeavors in the works.

Personal Motto

  • See good. Do good. Be good.

Which PC Game inspired your passion for PC gaming?

  • Age of Kings and Age of Empires are, in my opinion, the finest computer games I have ever played.

Imagine you are a modern Robinson Crusoe: Your 3 games for the desert island?

  • Age of Kings.
    Medal of Honor.
    Europa Universalis II

Your favorite Multiplayer Game

  • Air Warrior by Kesmai, which is no longer available.

This PC Game is hardly to await

  • The game which I am finding it hard to wait for is, of course, Settlers 3-D!

That’s your favorite Web Page

The best day in your life?

  • This day is in the future.

This movie can make you forget everything

  • John Huston's classic, The Man Who Would Be King.

Your favourite music

  • My favorite music is Irish and Scottish.

Your favorite book

  • Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser.

Are there any hobbies beside PC Gaming? Sorry, but playing of Console Games won’t be accepted as an answer here…

  • I am an avid fencer, and was 1995 U.S. veterans national champion, and in 2002, was a member of the U.S. national team at the veterans' world championships.
  • I am also a Civil War reenactor, and a member of Company K, of the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: I am the guy with a blanket, in the photo at the middle of this page:

Favorite meal?

  • My favorite food -- believe it or not -- is macaroni and cheese.

The profession you would favor outside the World of Computers

  • Travel industry, where I used to be an editor. If you work on games, you get free games, and spend $2,000 on your vacation. If you are in the travel industry, games cost $50, and you can go to Tahiti for nothing.
GC 2004: Best PC Games Award

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